Tripped Up, Travel Documentary
Tripped Up, Travel Documentary
  • Travel documentary

    Tripped UP

    Expect only the unexpected 

    when nine teams go on a 

    blind date with Europe 

    involving a secret agenda 

    and surprise challenges.

    About the Film



    Tripped Up tells the story about a team travel competition in Europe with a secret itinerary, surprise challenges and nine teams expecting only the unexpected. 


    Led by Clevelander Stever Belkin, the founder of Competitours, participants from the U.S. and abroad meet in Rotterdam to embark on a journey that will take them to 5 European countries to perform a variety of tasks that take them out of their comfort zone.


    Director: Laura Watilo Blake

    Executive Producer: Fran Belkin

    Cinematographer: Robert Reiland

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    Tripped Up, Travel Documentary

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